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play of chess

  • Carla Bruni son dernier album

    "And emong alle other good werkys It is a werke of ryght special

    recomendacion to enforme and to late vnderstonde wysedom and vertue vnto

    them that be not lernyd ne can not dyscerne wysedom fro folye Th[=e]ne

    emonge whom there was an excellent doctour of dyuynyte in the royame of

    fraunce of the ordre of thospytal of Saynt Johns of Jherusalem which

    entended the same and hath made a book of the chesse moralysed whiche at

    suche tyme as I was resident in brudgys in the counte of Flaundres cam

    into my handes/ whiche whan I had redde and ouerseen/ me semed ful

    necessarye for to be had in englisshe/ And in eschewyng of ydlenes And

    to thende that s[=o]me which haue not seen it/ ne [=v]nderstonde frenssh

    ne latyn J delybered in my self to translate it in to our maternal

    tonge/ And whan I so had achyeued the sayd translacion/ J dyde doo sette

    in enprynte a certeyn nombre of theym/ Whiche anone were depesshed and

    solde wherfore by cause thys sayd book is ful of holsom wysedom and

    requysyte vnto euery astate and degree/ J haue purposed to enprynte it/

    shewyng therin the figures of suche persons as longen to the playe."