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fish and ships

  • My son won, won my son did



    <><>  clic me !


    hi guys !


    just for fun, I will write this note in English.


    This is to advise whom may feel concerned that my son won a prize at the honfleur competition.


    Here is a badly taken photography of his performance, I will change it when possible for a better one.


    The astonishing of his painting is that he do not use any model, he just paint from is mind, his brain, his imagination.


    This prize, I hope,  will reinforce his conviction that he can do better cause he deserve it.


    We shall see !


    There is no obligation to answer in English, it was just a temporary fantasy of mine.


    Cheers and take care (have a though for our genius president and is red fish and ships.


    Hurrah for the salmon off limoges.